Antioch, Oakland Police Announce Streak Arrests of Shootings Attributed to Gang Warfare – CBS San Francisco

ANTIOCH (CBS SF) – Oakland and Antioch police on Thursday announced the arrest of suspected gang members involved in a feud that authorities say has fueled much of the gun violence in both cities.

The gang search was the result of an investigation that began with an investigation into the mode of execution of the murder of 20-year-old Daunzhay Young on the 1800 block of Tioga Pass Way in Antioch on August 29 last year.

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Antioch police said Young, a member of the Oakland Case Gang, was shot dead by a member of the rival Oakland ENT Gang.

“This first murder led to a long-term investigation into the violence related to this gang feud,” Antioch police chief Tammany Brooks said at a news conference Thursday. “Detectives quickly realized that Young’s murder introduced a broader narrative between the rivalry between ENT and Case criminal street gangs, and that was just the tip of the iceberg.”

Brooks said the investigation resulted in investigators linking several other gang-related homicides, attempted homicides, and shootings in the months before and after Young’s murder, as shootings and retaliatory shots were linked to the gang feud.

During the investigation, dubbed Operation Windstar, detectives from the Oakland and Antioch Police Departments, along with other Bay Area law enforcement agencies, pooled resources to arrest seven people and recover nearly 50 firearms, 15 of which were ghost pistols.

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Three men were charged in the Young murder case: Charles Bolden Sr., 42; Charles Bolden Jr., 19; and D’Marco Lindsey, 19. The murder charges against the three include lurking improvements, making them lifelong without parole or death sentence, police said.

Two other attempted murders unrelated to the Young murder were related to the case / ENT gang rivalry. On February 27, a man was shot dead with a semi-automatic firearm in broad daylight at a gas station in Antioch on Lone Tree Way. On March 9, two men in critical condition and their vehicle were riddled with bullets in a targeted drive-by shooting on the Aspen Way in Antioch.

Four men were arrested for the Aspen Way shooting: Trent Allen, 20; Keyshawn McGee, 22; Terryonn Pugh, 20; and Eric Windom, 21. Pugh was also charged with the Lone Tree Way shooting that sparked retaliatory shots in Oakland later that night, police said.

Operation Windstar ultimately involved 27 agencies from across the state and Nevada, Brooks said. It is assumed that the lengthy investigations and arrests will have an effect on reducing violent crime in both cities.

“We believe it will have a significant impact on the city of Oakland’s violent crime,” said LaRonne Armstrong, Oakland police chief. “I also have to say that I owe this city an apology that the gang violence group that began in Oakland is now in the city of Antioch.”

Earlier this week, Armstrong publicly advocated an increase in resources for his department on Monday after seven new murders in the past week, including three on Saturday alone. Oakland City Council voted to fund police programs that were cut during the pandemic, including Operation Ceasefire, a community-based approach to combating gun violence in partnership with the police.

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Oakland has seen 41 homicides so far in 2021, compared with 13 homicides in that time last year.

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