Asian American teen Punched, referred to as Racial Slur, throughout event basketball sport in Oakland – CBS San Francisco

SAN JOSE (KPIX) – A San Jose teenager was hit in the head during a basketball game at an amateur Athletic Union tournament in Oakland on Saturday and was reportedly labeled a racist slur. Everything was captured on video.

What makes the situation worse, said the parents of the attacked player, is that the players behind the physical altercation were not reprimanded until after frustrated parents demanded that something be done.

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The physical confrontation, captured on camera and received by KPIX, shows Lennie and Eduardo’s son Evan (last names omitted for fear of retaliation) at an AAU tournament game at Soldiertown Gym in Oakland.

In the video, Evan can be seen trying to grab a loose ball before an opposing player reaches it. That player passes the ball to a teammate and then pushes Evan. Evan gets up and is then pushed to the ground by a second opposing player nearby.

The words are exchanged before Evan walks away and returns to the player, who then hits Evan in the head.

“Not a single parent stood up to protect my son. I ran through the gym to get him,” Lennie said.

She said the other team – the San Francisco Generals – had repeatedly labeled Evan and his South Bay Snipers teammates a racial fraud against Asians long before the strike.

“You used the word ‘C’,” Lennie said.

“Two thirds of the team are Asians,” said Eduardo.

A witness named Olivia, who also did not want her last name published, said her son, who also plays AAU basketball, heard the alleged racial abuse on the pitch.

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“Some of the boys said they used a lot of profanity by using the word ‘B’ with the word ‘C’,” said Olivia.

Parents said no one jumped in to stop the altercation or reprimand the players. They also claim the tournament director initially refused to watch a video of the incident.

“How was a technical foul not called when he obviously hit him in the face?” Asked Olivia. “They said, ‘Oh, we saw what happened’ and I gave them a squeeze because I said, ‘If you saw what happened, don’t let go of it!'”

Evan’s parents say the blow left him with a concussion and made them angry that no one condemned the physical and racial attacks.

“The worst part is that nobody apologizes,” said Eduardo.

After several frustrated parents confronted the tournament director, they agreed that the player who threw the punch would be banned from Sunday’s game, but Olivia said the player who initially pushed Evan was not removed from the game .

“We are paying a lot of money, a lot of families are paying a lot of money for this AAU,” Lennie said.

“It just makes parents not want to pay all that money to put their children at risk if they’re not protected and safe,” Olivia said. “That’s sad because they love basketball.”

Evan’s parents say they plan to file a report with the Oakland Police Department.

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KPIX has reached out to AAU, the San Francisco Generals and the tournament’s host, Grassroots 365, but has not yet received a response.

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