Congresswoman Barbara Lee Welcomes Secretary of Power Jennifer Granholm to California’s 13th Congressional District | Oakland Information now

Berkeley, California – Congresswoman Barbara Lee (CA-13) welcomed US Secretary of Energy Jennifer Granholm to the 13th district of California.NS today for two events focused on innovative responses to the global climate crisis.

Congresswoman Barbara Lee Jennifer Granholm, a former faculty member of the University of California, Berkeley, first visited the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory to discover new technologies, ensure clean and sustainable water supplies, decarbonize the earth, and improve the climate. We spoke to leading US scientists about their efforts to solve the problem. Crisis.

After a tour and discussion with scientists like Nobel Prize winner Jennifer Doudna, Congressman Lee and Secretary of State Granholm came to Berkeley for Photovoltaics to promote the Department of Energy’s SolarAPP +. He joined the Mayor of East Bay and other local governments at his home. Online tools are helping local governments cut red tape for reviewing and approving solar power for residential buildings.

Senator Nancy Skinner, Mayor Jesse Allegin Berkeley, Mayor Libby Schaaf Auckland and other local leaders attended the event at the Pablo Diaz Gutierrez home in Berkeley. With the sky covered in gray smoke from a major California forest fire, Congressman Lee, Minister Granholm, and local leaders said the threat of a fire had caused conventional power cuts across the state. We talked about the importance of solar power to residential buildings when you are there.

“I am very pleased to welcome Secretary Granholm back to California.NS at the age of 13. “Here in California we are directly experiencing a climate emergency. In recent years we have lost many houses, lives and the whole city to forest fires. These unprecedented fires are due to climate change. We know that it is caused, and we also know that the color community here and around the world has been disproportionately affected by the climate crisis, as President Byden said. Justice must be at the heart of our answer. Access to residential solar panels in communities that have been exposed to environmental racial discrimination for generations in areas such as Auckland and Berkeley. Exaltation will help us stay on the path to righteousness. We look forward to working with Minister Granholm and President Byden to recover more courageously and to address the climate crisis with an urgent urgency. . “

You can find more information about SolarAPP + Tools at:

Congressman Lee, Energy Secretary Granholm and local leaders
Promote DOE’s Summer of Solar campaign in Berkeley, CA.

Who is Congresswoman Barbara Lee?

Rep. Lee is a member of the House Expenditure Committee and chairs the Foreign Activities Subcommittee. She is co-chair of the Steering and Policy Committee, former Congressional Black Caucus, honorary chair of the Progressive Caucus, co-chair of the Asia-Pacific American Parliamentary Health Task Force, and professional co-chair. Increase. Electoral board. She also heads the Task Force of Majority Leaders on Poverty and Opportunities. As a member of the Democratic leadership of the House of Representatives, she is the best black woman in Congress.

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Congresswoman Barbara Lee Welcomes Secretary of Energy Jennifer Granholm to California’s 13th Congressional District | Oakland News Now Source link Congresswoman Barbara Lee Welcomes Secretary of Energy Jennifer Granholm to California’s 13th Congressional District | Oakland News now

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