Eating places that can have closed in Oakland and Berkeley in November 2021

As Stephen Sondheim wrote: “Sometimes plush velvet; sometimes just pretzels and beer. ”As of this month, these are the local food and beverage companies that are no longer here. (Tip for entrepreneurs looking for a place: There are many new vacancies in Emeryville …)

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CHEESTEAK SHOP BERKELEY This Philadelphia-style sandwich shop, the outpost of a medium-sized regional chain, lost its lease and closed, a company spokesperson Nosh confirmed. A shame, because the place was always generous with the hot and sweet peppers (really the star of every cheesesteak) and the Philly cheese fries were kind of an event. “We’re hoping to open elsewhere in Berkeley, but haven’t found the right property yet,” said the spokesman. Until then, the Cheesecake Shop locations in Oakland or Alameda may be your best bet. Cheesesteak Shop Berkeley was at 1054 University Ave. in Berkeley. – Eve Batey

Lucky Birds wings were a hearty treat. Photo credit: Lucky Bird / Instagram

HAPPY BIRD Tasty, quick-casual Southeast Asian street food from head chef Kimberly Gamble (daughter Thai) has satisfied students and locals here for more than two years and will miss them. Cousins ​​Asian Street Food is coming soon to the now closed room, the signs are already in place. It is unclear at the time of publication whether the new incarnation will come from the same owners, as Lucky Bird’s Instagram account has apparently received cousins-related branding. Lucky Bird was on Shattuck Ave. in 1926.

Ba and Nhung Nguyen retired to Shattuck Avenue after decades of doing business. Photo credit: Ryan Farrell

THE ORIENTAL RESTAURANT “This is not just my favorite local restaurant, it’s my favorite, period,” wrote a Google reviewer of Berkeley’s Oriental Restaurant, and in fact, this cheap and cheerful Vietnamese and Chinese main course on Shattuck Avenue has fed many of us for decades. The old-fashioned name of the Oriental confuses people a little (it was apparently once called Oriental Food To Go), but in the humble interior, any clump has been operated on by the humble, hardworking owners, Ba and Nhung Nguyen, a married couple from Vietnam, with the help of their daughter Duc. Contradicting reports opened the Oriental in 1989, as noted on the sign, or possibly earlier under a first incarnation (a reviewer says 1977?). For students and generations of locals, it was simply always there to prepare plates and bowls with nutritious pho, bread roll salad, clay pots and rice plates at an impressive speed and always at budget-friendly prices only for cash. From November the older owners will retire and the future of the restaurant is uncertain. The new management may keep the name and concept, but still it won’t be quite the same. “We’re tired,” Ba shrugged, giggling as he rushed through the midday frenzy in early November. “We need a break.” The current family owned Oriental Restaurant was located on Shattuck Ave in 1782.

RIVOLI Even when we added 27-year-old Cal-Mediterranean Restaurant Rivoli to our August closure report, we had hopes it might return. At least the owner informed us that the restaurant was only closed “until further notice”, which the optimists among us did not find conclusive. What Now SF now says, however, that Rivolis Solano Ave. space has a new tenant, an as yet nameless spot submission permit with the working title “Korean Superette”. Nosh wishes we had better news for those of you with unused Rivoli Gift Certificates, but now at least we know. Rivoli was at 1539 Solano Avenue. Eve Batey


Blue Bottle’s Jack London Square location closed in November after being in the space for over a decade. Courtesy: Blue bottle

BLUE BOTTLE WEBSTER Oakland’s original Blue Bottle Coffee outpost in Jack London Square closed this month, causing a rude awakening for its many fans. Majority owner Nestlé has made many changes to the Bay Area coffee favorite in the past few years, but in this case the company has simply lost its lease. Staff encourage repeat customers to relax at the nearby Blue Bottle on the 9th between Broadway and Washington. Blue Bottle Coffee was at 300 Webster St.

RENT JACK LONDON SQUARE Other Changes for Jack London Square: As we mentioned in openings, Tablehopper had the unfortunate story of a landlord dispute that caused the famous Miette Patisserie & Confectionery to grab their bakery and retail store Jack London Square. Fortunately, the business has moved to the former Batch Pastries in Oakland’s Montclair Village, where pastry chef and owner Meg Ray will continue to dream and will likely have more joy making her imaginative confections. Miette Patisserie & Confiserie Jack London Square was located at 85 Webster St.

THE SWEET BOOTH In October, the SF Chronicle reported that Calvin and Hetty Tong, who have owned the Boba store Sweet Booth in Oakland, Chinatown since 1993, had hoped to sell the business so they could retire. Unfortunately, there were no buyers, so the couple closed the long-running cafe on November 1st and left a nice note thanking guests for their years of support. The Sweet Booth was located at 388 Ninth Street in Oakland. – Eve Batey

Outside of

The Emery Bay Cafe closed in November after 23 years. Photo credit: Emery Bay Cafe / Facebook

The Emery Bay Cafe closed in November after 23 years. Photo credit: Emery Bay Cafe / Facebook

EMERY BAY CAFE The wear and tear in Emeryville continues with the loss of that classic car – with its distinctive, no-frills signage – that served Emeryville locals with coffee, muffins, pastries, and sandwiches for 23 years. Thanks to The E’ville Eye for the story. Emery Bay Cafe was at 5857 Christie Ave. in Emeryville.

OLEI’S FUSION KITCHEN This island restaurant near Los Cantaros in Emeryville closed quietly in less than a year. Olei’s was at 4125 San Pablo Ave. in Emeryville.

Temporarily closed

QUITTE CAFE & GRILL In rare good news, Shiryn Shaileh, owner and operator of Berkeley’s long-loved Quince Cafe & Grill, says it’s still on its way to reopen. The cafe has been dark long before the pandemic thanks to a truck accident that destroyed most of its kitchen. Shaileh said the renovations during the pandemic were particularly difficult given the time it would take to source supplies like simple refrigerator parts, but it is aiming for a reopening in early 2022 with a new take-away focus if all goes well. The little café that could just chug on. Quince Cafe & Grill is located at 2228 San Pablo Ave. in Berkeley.

ROAM ARTISAN BURGER A recent check-in shows that Uptowns Roam Burgers are still marked temporarily closed on Yelp, as it has been for over a year, and the location has been removed from some but not all areas of the company’s website. Stay tuned. Roam Artisan Burgers is located at 1951 Telegraph Ave. in Oakland.

SA WAD DEE THAI RESTAURANT An announcement on Sa Wad Dee’s voicemail warns that the restaurant will be closed until further notice, not because of the pandemic, but because of a pipe problem and water ingress into the restaurant. In fact, a visit to the room reveals a completely gutted interior. Hold on, Sa Wad Dee. The locals of Richmond and El Cerrito miss you. Sa Wad Dee Thai restaurant is located at 12200 San Pablo Avenue in Richmond

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