Enforcement of the weekend’s Oakland Sideshow ends in eight arrests, 2 dozen autos being towed – CBS San Francisco

OAKLAND (CBS SF) – Oakland police confirmed Monday that officers arrested eight people, issued 14 quotes and towed two dozen vehicles in connection with two shows over the weekend.

The police announced the enforcement of the sideshow on social media on Monday afternoon.

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Eight people and two dozen vehicles are towed after the weekend shows in Oakland. Https://t.co/BPaOuMoodo pic.twitter.com/566KqXor3o

– Oakland Police Dept. (@oaklandpoliceca) May 17, 2021

The illegal sideline began on Saturday night, according to the Oakland Police Department. Law enforcement saw nearly 200 vehicles entering and exiting Oakland and other nearby towns within six hours.

Police said the vehicle groups were trying to take over intersections in Oakland to engage in illegal activities. Officials involved in the enforcement of siding monitored the activities on the ground and in the air using the department’s ARGUS helicopter. They were able to successfully deter and disrupt sideshow activity by towing a vehicle.

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The shows continued on Sunday evening and continued for almost eight hours. Police received reports of illegal activity in the 98th and Edes Avenues area. Officers in ARGUS flew over the scene and spotted approximately 300 people watching 100 vehicles participating in the illegal activity.

Ground units reacted to the area and could disrupt activity. A total of eight people were arrested and 22 vehicles and one ATV were towed out of the area. In addition, 14 quotes from officers were handed out.

“I appreciate our councilors for assisting and recovering funds for a special sideshow detail. Without these additional resources, our city would have seen much more devastating siding, ”Oakland Police Chief LeRonne L. Armstrong said in a press release regarding the arrests. “These side events are known to take over intersections and neighborhoods, creating significant safety concerns in our community. It will take a joint law enforcement and community effort to address these dangerous side events. Let’s keep working together to make Oakland a no-sideshow city. “

The department announced a detail late last month dedicated to enforcing sideshows.

Police said the OPD is tracking the identification of additional vehicles that participated in the illegal activities over the weekend. Once identified, investigators go to the houses where the vehicles are registered and pull those vehicles away.

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The department works with community groups, regional law enforcement, and other city departments to find a long-term solution to tackling illegal sideshow and violent crime in Oakland. Anyone with information about illegal sideshow activity can send a tip to OPD to the department’s non-emergency email: [email protected]

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