Finest San Francisco and Oakland Chinese language New Yr Restaurant Specials for 2021

For many Bay Area folks, New Year’s celebrations are big, wild gatherings – entire extended families crowded around 10 banquet tables after the Chinatown Parade, everyone battling for the best lazy susan position. In case you didn’t guess, none of this will happen this year. The holiday begins on Friday February 12th and February 11th is the night for a traditional New Years Eve dinner. But even if some places have reintroduced their outdoor facilities, the usual large gatherings for vacation during the pandemic are not possible – not at home and especially not in a restaurant.

How can one then usher in the year of the ox? The answer, as with so many celebrations this year, is take away. Even with formal off-the-table banquets, diners wanting to celebrate with a special take-away meal will not be short of options.

Many restaurants offer elaborate menus – probably the best you can get at a traditional home banquet that is scaled down to feed a smaller group:

Mr. Jiu

Brandon Jew’s Michelin-starred Chinatown restaurant is currently largely on hiatus, but has two separate Chinese New Year dinner sets for two – the first, available at the start of the holiday (February 12-13), is a five-course vegetarian festival (USD 88), in keeping with the Buddhist tradition of not eating meat. The second ($ 188), available at the end of the New Year holidays (February 26-27), features a Dungeness crab shell, as well as braised oxtails and short ribs.

Royal festival

This Millbrae restaurant is one of the top destinations in the region for an elaborate, bespoke banquet. It specializes in the cuisine prepared by the personal chefs of aristocratic Chinese families during the late Qing Dynasty. It offers three special menus for three to five people priced at $ 108, $ 168 and $ 268. Even the cheapest option has some of the restaurant’s signature dishes, such as the creamy braised napa cabbage and crispy sweet and sour fish as well special stewed beef dish based on tomatoes in honor of the year of the ox. For collection on February 11th or 12th, you can pre-order by phone or via the restaurant’s WeChat account (ID: royal_feast), which will allow you to view the full menu (but in Chinese).

Palette tea house

The Ghirardelli Square Dim Sum Star is offering two Lunar New Year sets priced at $ 138 and $ 198 (for four and six people, respectively) that will be available February 11-21. Highlights include lobster yifu noodles (which symbolize longevity) and to satisfy the “ox” requirement, grilled short ribs with black pepper and bones.

Palette tea house

United dumplings

Bernal Heights dumpling specialist stays up to date with a $ 148 dumpling festival that includes a whole dungeness crab or lobster, plus two types of dumplings, two types of potstickers, and nine other starters and side dishes, and a bottle of champagne to boot. It is available Friday through Sunday for the entire month of February.

Claws of the praying mantis

For Tet, the celebration of the Vietnamese lunar year, this lively pop-up from San Francisco is offering a $ 150 Year of the Ox Tết PACK PACK on February 15 that will feed four to five people – Thit Kho (braised caramelized pork belly)), garlic noodles, a porchetta with sticky rice and much more. Pre-orders will start on February 8th at 12:00 noon.

Rolling snack

This East Bay Sichuan skewer specialist doesn’t make a menu, but does offer a few festive winter Chinese New Year dishes: duck leg ($ 11.99, served steamed to preserve its natural flavor) and fried Sichuan bacon ($ 14.99) – both Articles were smoked in the house with cypress branches.

Eight tables

The China Live complex’s high-end tasting menu spot offers a $ 176 Chinese New Year menu for two that includes chicken wings filled with sticky rice, steamed ginger, black cod, red-boiled DongPo pork, and more. It will be available from February 12-14 and February 19-20.

Eight Tables New Year's dishes are neatly arranged on the table: stuffed chicken wings, DongPo pork surrounded by steamed bok choy, and more

Eight tables

Many of the Bay Area’s Cantonese restaurants offer poon choi – a classic New Year’s stew dinner filled with promising seafood and other luxury ingredients:

Koi Palace and Dragon Beaux

Considered two of the best dim sum places in the Bay Area, these sister restaurants also offer take-away banquet sets in serving size for 10 people ($ 368). It is also available in a frozen version. Call the closest location to pre-order.


Oakland Chinatown’s largest dim sum parlor has a five-person serving of poon choi for $ 138 and a version that feeds 10 for $ 238.

Washington Bakery

This Hong Kong-style Chinatown mainstay also has a slew of Lunar New Year specials. The highlight is the inclusion of the traditional “Big Bowl Festival” – $ 138 to $ 168 for a serving for four or six people. It contains all of the classic ingredients, including abalone, pork belly, dried oysters, and scallops. You can pre-order at least two days in advance by phone or online.

A festive New Year's stew dinner

Washington Bakery

If you’re looking less for a traditional menu than a fun change of pace, here are some options:

Farmhouse cuisine Thai

The whole of Farmhouse Kitchen’s brand during the pandemic was the hugely Instagram-friendly take-out boxes, and the Lunar New Year’s deal is no exception: a three-tier tea service featuring assorted dim sum (including pudding-filled pigs) and why not, some macarons .

The kitchen

La Cocina’s New Year-themed Community Food Box on February 10th features dishes from a range of aspiring entrepreneurs, from braised chicken and sticky rice from Taco Thai to Vietnamese braised pork from Noodle Girl. The deadline for orders is Friday, February 5th.

Of course, no New Year celebration would be complete without the portion of candy:


The dessert-oriented cocktail bar in Oakland sells several beautiful New Year-themed cakes, including a “Lucky Candy Cake” (an almond cake with strawberry condensed milk pastry cream) that turned the Chinese character for “fortune” on its head. to pour out and flow more freely into your life “. Order online at least a week in advance.

B. Pastries

The legendary French pastry shop will be offering a special New Year-themed menu from February 12th to 28th, featuring delicacies such as Pandan Kouign Amann, Mango Pudding with Condensed Milk, and Tiger Sugar Tapioca Pudding.

Oakland Fortune Cookie Company

Last but not least, the Oakland Chinatown-based fortune cookie company sells its annual Lunar New Year gift sets. This year the Chinese characters for “ox” and “luck” are hand-painted in gold. Order online.

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