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Is Jameis Winston the target of a racist paid social media smear campaign?

An Instagram post here from the @ 36thstudio account (also here on Twitter) and in Russian, contains a post about Saints QB Jameis Winston, reflecting basic social media topics from his New Orleans Saints training camp that he’s in any one Way not respect is deserved.

But why a Russian account if the NFL isn’t in Russia or Eastern Europe? And why is the @ 36thstudio account focusing negatively on Jameis Winston of all the posts in recent NFL news? Also, why is it linked to another Instagram account that has racist black images called Ace of Blacks? And where another post has a comment from “Hand Lokesh” that says “Promote it on @ace_of_blacks”, and where that is the racist side that claims “ᴡᴇ sᴜᴘᴘᴏʀᴛ ʙʟᴀᴄᴋ ʙᴜsɪɴᴇss, ᴛᴀʟᴇɴᴛ, ᴍᴏᴅᴇʟs”.

This is clearly the door to something sinister, manipulative and racist, and it has succeeded in targeting Jameis Winston. But why?

As I keep digging and asking for help from real, concerned online bloggers and vloggers, as well as the United States government, my assumption is that Jameis Winston was a target because it was clear he had a quarterback talent that resulted in him being dubbed “The Chosen One” in his freshman year in Florida State.

Sports news blog Big Lead wrote:

Jameis Winston started the season with 40 of 45 passes and jumped to the top of the Heisman pack. While Florida State’s program wasn’t exactly bad last season (12-2, won the Orange Bowl), Winston is considered something of a savior in Tallahassee. So much so that a fan apparently turned Winston into Jesus for a t-shirt. The Chosen One and # 8 Florida State face the unbeaten Bethune-Cookman at home on Saturday.

Immediately thereafter, there seemed to be a small but growing effort to discredit him, as if someone or a group with money didn’t want Jameis Winston to be seen as a black quarterback who would once and for all end the idea of ​​being a black Quarterback playing a standard NFL style couldn’t win with arm and wits.

Some in the media at the time reflected this racist view. Check out this video from Lovie Smith’s press conference at the 2015 NFL annual meeting and before Jameis became the Bucs Star QB:

This Zennie62Media video from the 2015 NFL annual meeting in Phoenix, Arizona, gives a glimpse into the perspective that Lovie Smith, head coach of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, had of Jameis Winston, even if some in the press suggested the team was him Marcus Mariota were against. I should add that one of those people was Mike Mayock, now the current general manager of the Las Vegas Raiders. And I should add that Mayock took another NFL draftnik who has been branded racist multiple times a job on the Raiders’ player staff: Nolan Nawrocki.

Consider for a moment the racial problems faced by the high profile black NFL QB. Check out Lamar Jackson and how he’s getting a passport now for his running skills.

And remember, some so-called NFL talent experts, like former Colts general manager Bill Polian, went out of their way (and obviously lost their minds) to say Jackson should be called up as wide receiver and not a quarterback.

I could go on, but Jameis Winston was and is a threat to this idea – and an idea that was about to be destroyed.

It is clear online on social media and in the media that there is a constant effort to discredit him. Take the recent questioning about his speech. That happened at the end of one of his best days of training as a Saints QB. Rather than asking technical questions about the Saints Offense, Jameis dealt with a personal and racist question of how well he speaks.

In contrast, Taysom Hill was not the focus of the cameras trying to capture everything he was doing and then highlighting mistakes. If there was one, it was not seen or was hardly mentioned; with James, not like that.

Some may say that it is related to Erika Kinsman, the woman who accused Jameis Winston, an act that was not committed by the Courta (I have a detailed report here from

Note that the 760 pages of information on the Winston / Kinsman case lead to one fact: that both Kinsman and Winston were underage drinkers in college, and that she was already drunk when she walked into the Potbellies Bar and got a drink. All of the information I’ve read suggests a mistake on your part, which it seems to be covering up. Why? Maybe she didn’t want her family to know that she was dating not one but two black men at the same time? (Her aunt and attorney Patricia Carroll was quoted by Winston’s attorney as saying that Kinsman would never have sex with a “black boy” – even if she had sex with two black men within 24 hours.) All of these, and More, facts, the media and social media are spreading the idea that Jameis did something wrong, rather than the truth: that a drunk Erika Kinsman was sexually aggressive and then forgot about her when she got sober, following a typical pattern of the Colleges – Old students of binge drinking, then casual sex.

Then it comes down to the crab legs Jameis believed were given to him, but the person he said did not “confess” what he did. Why do I want to know. And you have to ask yourself the question: Here’s a Florida State Star QB. In view of its high profile, why did the store simply hire Jameis as a spokesperson? That is the question everyone should be asking themselves.

And then there is the Uber driver. Jameis Winston was out with his current ex-agent and picked up the car. The agent told the Uber Driver he was a big football star. This is music to the ears of someone who drives an Uber car early in the morning to make money. Why did the agent do that? Why didn’t the agent get in the car with Jameis? And why didn’t anyone ask to have the Uber Driver tested for a substance? In other words, there has been little effort to protect James Winston as a star and every effort to discredit him.

This indicates some general online and social media racist activity that dates back to and was linked to the 2016 Trump campaign. But how deep it went and its connection to the Capitol Riots has not been thoroughly investigated. It is time to change that and stop the attacks on Jameis Winston as well – which appear to be part of the same Russia-led effort.

Somebody spends money on it. Just who is the question and how can we stop it is the other?

Stay tuned.

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