Man faces a $ 9,000 high-quality for defying the masks mandate on the Oakland-Houston flight – CBS San Francisco

OAKLAND (CBS SF) – A man who flew from Oakland International Airport to Houston earlier this year faces a $ 9,000 fine in an incident in which he allegedly refused to wear a mask while in flight said federal officials.

According to the Federal Aviation Administration, the man was on a Southwest Airlines flight on Feb.21 when he was asked by a flight attendant to pull up his mask as it did not cover his nose. Officials said he refused. The flight attendant then gave the man another mask, which he threw on the floor and said he would not wear it.

After the flight attendant declared the mask requirement, the passenger said again he would not comply and said the wearing of masks is not enforced in Texas. Texas was under a mask mandate at the time, which the state governor only lifted in early March.

Officials said the cabin crew alerted the captain, who then arranged for law enforcement to pick up the plane once it arrived in Houston.

The passenger’s identity was not disclosed.

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The FAA also announced fines ranging from $ 10,000 to $ 15,000 for four passengers on other flights for alleged non-compliance with the mask mandate. Officials said passengers attacked flight attendants in two of the incidents.

“The enforcement measures announced today are part of the FAA’s zero tolerance policy for unruly and dangerous behavior by passengers,” the agency said in a statement. Passengers have 30 days to reply.

As of January 1, the FAA has received 2,500 reports of recalcitrant behavior from passengers, including about 1,900 reports of passengers defying the mask mandate.

According to the Transportation Security Administration, it will be mandatory to wear a mask at least until September 13 at airports, on airplanes and on public transport.

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