Native FBI brokers encourage Oakland victims to take a step ahead – CBS San Francisco

OAKLAND (CBS SF) – After a public campaign asking victims of hate crimes to come forward and report back, the FBI focused on efforts in Oakland on Thursday.

FBI officials have teamed up with community leaders in Chinatown, one of whom was the victim of a racially motivated attack two weeks ago.

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When the president of the Oakland Chinatown Chamber of Commerce, Carl Chan, was recently attacked, he did not hesitate to take a picture of the attacker with his cell phone and report the hate crime to the police.

With this evidence, his attacker was arrested a short time later and charged with assault.

Thursday’s press conference with the FBI was aimed at getting home the message that it is safe to say something.

The whole issue is about encouraging people to report crimes because we understand many Asian crime victims, they are so scared, Chan said. We want them to know that it is time for them to speak up and make these changes.

With hate crimes against Asians on the rise, the FBI’s San Francisco office believes that investigating these crimes is a top priority.

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“Nobody should be afraid to walk down the street or to have the feeling of being affected by an act of violence based on what they look like, where they come from or part of their identity,” said the responsible special agent Craig Fair. “Hate and racism have no place here.”

Standing in front of volunteers currently patrolling Oakland’s Chinatown,

Special Agent Fair said he wants to reassure the Asian community that crime reporting is critical to stopping them.

“We know that some people are afraid to come out. They may be afraid or distrustful of law enforcement, ”Fair said. “They may be afraid of their immigration status or fear of retaliation from their attacker.”

He says the FBI is training more agents to investigate hate crimes at the federal level. The agency also works closely with local law enforcement agencies to file state charges.

“We will not stand by and attack people on our streets,” said Fair.

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A rally on Unity Against Hate will be held in Chinatown, Oakland on Saturday at 11 am, attended by Attorney General Rob Bonta.

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