Numerous women-run eating places are acknowledged by a well known Oakland meals journal

Bay Area locals already know Oakland has some of the tastiest restaurants around, and now a prominent food magazine is recognizing the city – not just for its culinary talents, but for the female restaurateurs who run the show.

In a list of 32 Places to Eat in 2019, Food & Wine magazine listed Oakland as a must-see city, noting that a wave of enterprising women had risen to the food scene in Oakland in recent years made it so much more interesting.

They gave special greetings to Tanya Holland (Brown Sugar Kitchen), Nite Yun (Nyum Bai), Janice and Brandi Dulce (FOB Kitchen) and Reem Assil (Dyafa and Reem’s), all of whom have recognizable stores in the area.

What is remarkable about this list of female chefs is that they all come from different backgrounds and bring rich culinary flavors to the table. These dining options include Cambodian, Filipino, and Middle Eastern tariffs.

Holland’s Brown Sugar Kitchen was featured on the list, but the popular soul food eatery closed its original location in November after spending 10 years in West Oakland. They have since opened two new locations, one in Uptown Oakland and one in the Ferry Building in San Francisco. There are also plans to open an outpost at the Brown Sugar Kitchen in the Warriors’ Chase Center Arena in Mission Bay.

Holland hopes to focus her efforts on looking after color chefs in Oakland as she seeks new talent to sell her former restaurant’s space to.

“I am working with them as a mentor now. I know this area, the good and the bad. I know the concepts that can work here and what may not work, ”said Holland’s Justin Phillips of The Chronicle.

Male restaurateurs were also mentioned on the list, including James Woodard of Smokin ‘Woods BBQ; Keba Konte, founder of Red Bay Coffee; and James Syhabout, owner of Commis, Hawking Bird and CDP.

Food magazine’s list of 32 places worth visiting in 2019 was a mix of cities that they loved and that they look forward to in the year to come. Read her full story here.

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