Oakland Council President, Bas holds an old-media-only assembly for funds voting in downtown Oakland

Now that California has opened up, Oakland City Council believes it can revert to its old pre-pandemic methods of hosting press conferences for the dying media that no one but a small handful of Oaklanders is watching. In doing so, they discard the online-based full access rooms, which are accessible to everyone, especially the disabled and the elderly. Unfortunately, in an era of “make your own media” friendlier to BIPOC voices and eyeballs, Oakland City Council is obsessed with feeding old white media. Council President Nikki Fortunado Bas cannot blame Mayor Schaaf – here there are two peas in a pod.

President Bas will discuss the outcome of the historic budget vote tomorrow in downtown Oakland

WHEN: Today, Thursday, June 24th at 4:00 p.m. PST

WHERE: Breonna Taylor Mural on 15th Street at the intersection of Broadway, Telegraph Avenue and 15th Street in Downtown Oakland


Council President Nikki Fortunato Bas + Representative from District 2 2
Councilor Carroll Fife, District 3 representative
Other speakers representing Oakland workers, community and faith organizations

WHAT: After the special budget meeting on Thursday June 24th at 10:30 am, Oakland City Council President Nikki Fortunato Bas will discuss the outcome of the meeting. At this meeting, the Council is expected to discuss and vote on the updated budget changes from Bas.

Historically, Oakland has sponsored four police academies every two-year budget cycle. With the 2021-2023 budget proposal by Mayor Schaaf, this standard allocation was increased to six police academies. Bas’s budget diverts the additional funds from Schaaf’s two additional academies, instead investing $ 17.4 million in the violence prevention department, effectively doubling its budget (and quadrupling the city’s contribution to the department’s General Purpose Fund) and expanding the resources needed to operate effectively stand up MACRO – Oakland’s Alternative Civilian Emergency Response Program in the Fire Department – by having three mobile response teams responding to non-violent, non-criminal 911 calls for mental and behavioral health incidents in East Oakland in year 1 in the first year Six teams will be expanded across the city in year 2.

Council President Bas’ budget team consists of Council members Fife (District 3), Kalb (District 1) and Gallo (District 5).

If the final budget is not approved tomorrow, June 24th, the Council will have a final meeting and vote on Tuesday, June 29th at 13:30. The Council has to adopt a balanced, final expenditure plan for two years by Wednesday 30 June.

Check out President Bas’ updates and community messages at @ Nikki4Oakland on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter.

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