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John Sasaki OUSD media rep says Oakland School District has a COVID-19 plan – really

I received an irritated email from John Sasaki of the Oakland Unified School District who seems quite upset after the total disaster of the OUSD board meeting last week.

He wrote:

Hello Zenni,
I want to read up on your post in which you said two things that are completely inaccurate.
1) You have referred to “the school district’s lax COVID-19 policy” which is utter nonsense. There is nothing “lax” about it, as we follow – even exceed – all instructions from the county and the state.
2) You also quoted someone who said, “This school district’s failure to come up with a plan for a safe personal opening of Oakland Public Schools in 2020-21,” which again is obviously wrong. If we follow all of the county and state orders, how can we not have a plan?
I’m not going to argue with what the public is saying, but I don’t think you should take it all at face value and publish it like you did.
Thank you for considering it.

What John is referring to is the Oakland News Now posts about children who don’t wear masks on the way to school and the terrible OUSD board meeting. Here, an understandably angry parent named Missy Cross has turned the process pretty upside down, and for good reason: The Oakland Unified School District doesn’t test students for COVID-19. In other words, what really matters when students have COVID, guess what? OUSD has no way of finding out for yourself.

When I type OUSD COVID-19 plan into Google I don’t get a plan, but I get this page: https://ift.tt/3kdNHPZ

The site is not a plan at all, but a place to tell me that students must wear masks and that they have ventilation systems. The COVID test is carried out by you, not by OUSD. You say it. You have to go and take one off. This is not a plan for students. It’s more like, “In an emergency, you go and get help”. So if someone hasn’t been tested, it’s their fault, not OUSD’s. Bad things.

What this livestream is about is what John wrote. I called John and texted John and offered to come and present the case of OUSD. He seems to think that there are only a series of “facts”, but the reality is that OUSD’s “plan” is a matter of opinion. And in my view, OUSD has no plan and does not seem to develop a plan to make parents happy.

This is the worst news of all.

I also invited Mike Hutchinson, who plays a prominent role as a board member in the video. Mike tried to part ways with the rest of the OUSD board, which is a continuation of what initially got him on the board. But the image of two black male board members yelling at each other and a black OUSD leader ignoring Ms. Cross is hard to take.

Videos are news. Had we had smartphones in the 1950s, racism would have been eradicated much earlier. Now it seems to be the job of journalism to dampen the impact of videos. Think about it. In other words, journalism protects racist institutions.

Stay tuned.

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