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The Oakland Mayor and Commissioners believe there are enough apartment buildings in the city based on a previously conducted needs study. The city commission has taken the first step in the process of imposing a 180-day moratorium, which “prohibits the acceptance and processing of new applications, including special uses, reallocations, major changes to plans and other building applications or plans to increase apartment buildings” – family claims. “

The city commissioners unanimously approved the first reading of the public hearing.

“We went through three different apartment building developers and there were two public meetings,” said Town Manager Steve Koontz. “One came to P&Z and another to the public workshop. It is obvious that we cannot go on like this.

“The idea here of running the moratorium is to have open discussions with (Planning & Zoning) together with the Commission and if there are any changes to the current zoning we can evaluate this … and make changes. The process is currently not working. “

“It’s not that we don’t currently have a variety of apartments,” said Stark. “It’s a sensitive topic and I think it’s worth discussing.”

The second reading will take place on January 25, 2022 at the commission meeting.


The commissioners approved the applicant’s safe storage submission with revised heights as well as several provisions. The deposit will include nine buildings on nearly 14 acres at 16360 W. Colonial Drive north of Florida’s Turnpike and south of Colonial.

Urban planner Jay Marder shared an update on the project, visibility, building specifications, facade and landscaping. The two main buildings will face a retention area of ​​the Florida Department of Transportation. The landscaping includes a line of trees between the retention space and the building, and the driveway is landscaped.

The buildings will include various types and sizes of storage space, including indoor and outdoor storage.

Mayor Kathy Stark asked that the landscaping be Florida native or Florida friendly.


• The city commission accepted the approval agenda, which included: a local agreement with the city of Winter Garden, approval of the infrastructure for The Avenues on Oakland, approval of the new space for the planning, zoning and approval and human resources departments, and an increase in the starting salary for officers from USD 21.14 to USD 21.98.

• Commissioners approved the first reading and public hearing of a series of ordinances annexing, rededicating and land use property on East Oakland Avenue, east of Catherine Ross Road, and forming part of a proposed single-family housing estate formerly known as the Hidden Preserve is now called The Grove at Oakland. Koontz said there is a small strip of land between West Colonial and the proposed development, stressing that it will be adequately buffered when trade hits the freeway.

The Grove at Oakland will have 44 lots in the 19.2 acre community.

• Commissioners passed resolutions on no parking and no parking signs in certain areas of the city, including Southern Railway Road; proposed multi-family supply tariffs for water and sewage; and the final subdivision platform for Phase 6B-3 of Oakland Park.

• Town Manager Steve Koontz said the Santa’s Lane event on December 4th saw around 1,750 people attend and 580 toys were distributed.

• The city’s planning, development, licensing and human resources departments will be temporarily housed in the Historic City Hall until January 3rd when they move into their new offices at 2 W. Oakland Ave.

• Koontz announced that his first grandchild would be born during the meeting.

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