Oakland Information Crew Robbed Throughout Interview On Metropolis Corridor Video

A local camera crew endured an attempted robbery Monday afternoon, which isn’t the most outrageous thing that has ever happened, but given the setting and context? It can tell more about the current crime surge the nation is seeing than anything else.

Oakland, director of the California Department of Violence Prevention Guillermo Cespedes was interviewed on the steps of Oakland City Hall by a news crew from NBC’s Bay Area subsidiary KNTV. However, the interview was interrupted by an attempted armed robbery, the video of which you can see above.

Writing for the East Bay Times, George Kelly reports:

Just after 6 p.m., police said in a statement that at 3:09 p.m., two suspects approached a cameraman who was filming an interview before attempting to grab the camera at gunpoint.

After a scuffle, “the armed security officer pulled out his firearm and ordered the suspects to leave. The suspects immediately left the area without a camera, ”police said.

Officials, including a police spokesman, responded to the crime scene during the investigation. There were no injuries, the police said.

“Please note that the suspects are still open,” said the police. “We encourage everyone to be aware of those around them and to report all crimes. Please stay safe. “

In a statement, an Oakland city spokesman confirmed that the violence prevention chief Guillermo Cespedes was the person interviewed outside City Hall.

To add insult to injury, the interview with Cespedes was followed by a press conference chaired by the Oakland Police Chief LeRonne Armstrong Complain about the city council’s decision to divert $ 18 million in police funds requested for the violence prevention efforts proposed by the Mayor of Oakland Libby Schaaf.

Defund the Police has become a political wedge theme used by both progressives and conservatives, but for very different reasons, and there is no denying that crime has increased since the introduction of this particular political phrase. However, the causality or correlation debate is sure to be raging on the cable news opinion broadcasts for the coming months.

Watch above via KNTV.

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