Oakland man will get federal jail for intercourse extortion program towards youngsters on Instagram – CBS San Francisco

OAKLAND (CBS SF) – An Oakland man was sentenced to federal prison after being convicted of a sexual blackmail program against teenagers on Instagram, federal prosecutors say.

Acting US Attorney Stephanie Hinds announced Thursday that 22-year-old Delaney Tang was sentenced to 60 months in prison after pleading guilty to child pornography advertising and cyberstalking conspiracy earlier this year. A co-defendant in the case, Concord’s 21-year-old Vincenz Sison, has also pleaded guilty to the conspiracy.

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The couple was arrested last year after an investigation by the San Francisco Police Department’s Internet Crimes Against Children Unit.

Police said they opened their investigation after a San Francisco high school officer reported that several students were blackmailed for sexually explicit videos and pictures posted on social media.

During their investigation, the police found that Tang had created dozens of social media accounts on various platforms under false names and profile photos, and in some cases posed as minors.

Sison was used by Tang to contact and harass some of the victims, police said. Victims in the Bay Area, Northern California, and Utah have been identified by SFPD.

“Some of the victims were bullied and tortured for months,” said San Francisco police at the time.

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According to the consent form, Tang admitted that he used Instagram to harass, threaten and blackmail a 12-year-old girl into sending him nude photos and videos of himself. He also admitted trying to use Sison to coerce the girl into filming herself engaging in sexual acts with an underage man.

Prosecutors said when the teenager stopped responding to Tang’s messages, he posted videos and photos of the victim on Instagram and other websites.

Tang also admitted using Instagram to blackmail other young victims, seven of whom were between 11 and 14 years old.

Along with the prison term, Tang was sentenced to an eight-year prison term under supervision.

Prosecutors said Tang will appear in court on January 12th to determine redress for his victims. He is expected to face the authorities and serve his sentence on January 19th.

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Sison is sentenced in February.

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