Oakland Meals Drive seeks to feed 2,000 households


Boxes, bags, and volunteers cover almost every square inch of a parking lot in Oakland. An event called “All In Oakland” seeks to send 2,000 families home with free boxes of groceries and goods.

Local churches and organizations have partnered with big names like Target and Starbucks to make this possible.

“2,000 items with 2,000 bags,” said Derrick Mann, a local pastor. “We will serve 2000 cars.”

The aim is to help those who are still affected by the COVID19 pandemic.

“There are a lot of people who are out of it all at this point,” said Steve Harrell of White Pony Express.

All the Bay Area residents had to do was show up. The nearly 200 volunteers handing out boxes did the rest. All they wanted to do was make someone else’s day a little easier.

“I’m just trying to do good,” said Jamichael Hodge-Johnson, a Starbucks district manager. “I’m just trying to support people and give them love.”

The organizers say the teamwork took place across the country. Although there are no plans, they expect it to repeat itself in the future.

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