Oakland Metropolis Council committee to vote on police reform decision, however who’s accountable?

ONN – Oakland City Council Committee to Vote Police Reform Resolution, But Who Is Responsible? – vlog from Zennie62 YouTube

Oakland City Council committee to vote on police reform resolution, but who is responsible?

On Monday, May 3rd, and before the Oakland City Council serves as the successor committee to the Oakland Redevelopment Agency, the issue of police reform will be included in the presentation recommending that the results of a plan to shift spending from current police-oriented spending focus on one aimed at alternative programs.

Led by Oakland City Council President Nikki Fortunato Bas and District 6 Councilor Loren Taylor, the plan is the result of months of work by many committees. The 259-page document describes the proposed change process.

There is only one big problem: who is responsible for overseeing the changeover? That’s as clear as mud – there’s a lot of money moving, but no discussion of schedules or performance monitoring. These are important changes that need to be made with no apparent oversight component.

Report: https://www.scribd.com/document/505800653/Oakland-Police-Reform-Recommedations

Stay tuned.

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