Oakland officer wounded in gunfight; Barricaded suspect surrenders after being shot useless by police – CBS San Francisco

OAKLAND (CBS SF) – A suspect wounded an Oakland police officer early Wednesday and was also shot and killed by police before barricading himself inside a building, creating a tense stalemate that ended when negotiators persuaded him to surrender, agreed the authorities with.

Oakland Police said the unidentified officer was wounded in a shootout near 21st St. and Telegraph Avenue after answering a jam call at 6:30 a.m. – threatening.

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During a press conference Wednesday morning, Oakland Police Chief LeRonne Armstrong said another officer returned fire after the 50-year-old male suspect opened fire on arriving police officers.

“The suspect immediately started shooting the officer,” said Armstrong. “The officer was hit by those shots and through our investigation we now know that our officer, an additional officer, fired back – so we had a shootout by officers we are investigating – and hit the suspect with non-life threatening injuries.” . “

According to the investigators, a weapon was found at the scene of the crime. The suspect, who police believed was also armed with a knife, fled to a building on Block 2100 on Martin Luther King Way. Officials surrounded the building and set off a stalemate.

Police negotiators and the city’s psychiatric response team arrived at the scene and persuaded the armed suspect to surrender peacefully at around 8:15 a.m. A knife was found at the scene. The suspect’s identity was not disclosed.

It was just the most recent incident of violence on the streets of Oakland.

“This is a sober reminder of how dangerous the city of Oakland is,” said Armstrong. “How armed suspects will quickly use these firearms against our officers, as we have seen in so many other cases. The hundred murders in our city. Three shootings last night alone. The level of violence in this city is still unbearable. “

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The boss cited a “proliferation of firearms” fueling the rise in violence.

“What this really tells me is that there is a proliferation of firearms in our community,” he said. “We have already recovered over 850 pieces of artillery this year. It is said that not only are guns too readily available, but we also have so many people willing to use them against others, and unfortunately today someone decided to use one against a police officer. “

After the city recorded its 100th murder of the year, city councilors – who had previously voted to cut resources on the police – reversed course late Tuesday. In a 6-2 vote, the council voted to increase the number of new police recruits.

“Good policing requires officers who don’t just run from one emergency call to another or who are exhausted because they work too much overtime,” Mayor Libby Schaaf told council members. “Oakland has the lowest violent crime rate of any department in America.”

The city’s 100th murder victim in 2021 was a man who was found shot dead in front of the BART Coliseum station on Monday morning. Oakland officials were called to another shooting on Tuesday afternoon when a man was hospitalized after being shot near Bond and High Street.

At a press conference Monday afternoon on the recent surge in gun violence in Oakland – which recorded 10 murders in one week – Armstrong expressed frustration at the escalating number of murders.

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“We can speak loudly about certain things. I just don’t understand why this community can’t speak of a hundred lost lives, ”said an obviously frustrated Armstrong. “We can shout and shout about anything that the police are doing wrong, but during this time we cannot talk about what is bothering us all. And that is gun violence. “

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