Oakland Planning Fee Approves Large 415 20. Skyscraper Ignores Homeless – Thomas Berkeley?

ONN – Oakland Planning Commission Approves Giant 415 20. Skyscraper Ignored Homeless – Thomas Berkeley? – vlog from Zennie62 YouTube

Oakland Planning Commission Approves Giant 415 20. Skyscraper Ignores Homeless – Thomas Berkeley?

A shameful event in the history of Oakland’s development: A planning commission in a city facing an incredibly large homeless problem approves the tallest building ever in Oakland. A structure so large and office-only, at 864,000 square feet, that it threatens to topple 3,400 workers (most of them looking for commercial housing) in Oakland. Without apartments of their own, these people are pushed into an expensive housing market that forces huge numbers of people onto the streets.

The Oakland Planning Commission could have stopped this but instead voted 5 in favor with one abstention, Nischit Hegde. In the case of Commissioner Hegde, when asked about her decision, she said, ‘It’s just too big’, referring to the enormous size of the 62-foot structure with 39 floors.

The building is so big it looks like King Kong is waiting to go up against Godzilla. And the developer did nothing to allay anyone’s concerns about that size when they used photos that either made the structure look like it was a massive takeover vehicle for the people of San Francisco, or an attempt to repeating all the bad about San Francisco urban development, or both.

When it came time to talk about the project, I explained the problem that 3,400 workers pose for Oakland. I suggested that the skyscraper should be not just an office but a live work, which greatly reduced the pressure of housing. What was shocking was that the planning committee was all too willing to just stamp the project. Some members said the problem of the homeless should be solved by the government and forgot that they are part of the government that is solving the problem.

I ask you to draw your own conclusions here as you follow the planning committee meeting yourself:

In the meantime, I’m appealing the project. The issue of ongoing pressure on the Oakland housing market is not adequately mitigated in the case of this enormous monstrosity of a building. Oakland does not have adequate control over the real estate market to warrant this project. In the age of ZOOM, 3,400 people are in Oakland and just one block from Square Headquarters, which can accommodate an additional 3,000 employees, way too much office space – this area needs housing for the office.

The job-housing balance (a statistic of the estimates of jobs versus housing in a city with a view to facilitating traffic, but which should be applied to the homeless problem) is carried out package by package. You don’t wait a year off in the future to see what the balance between work and living space looks like, contrary to what the chairman of the planning committee, Limon, and a few other colleagues think.

Stay tuned.

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