Oakland police chief pronounces restructuring plan as killings hit 15-year excessive – CBS San Francisco

OAKLAND (KPIX 5) – The Oakland Police Department is investing additional resources in East Oakland as the city continues to grapple with an increase in gun violence and killings in the area.

Part of the restructuring plan means that another police district will be dedicated to East Oakland. The plan would involve dozens of additional officials over the next year as the department tries to counter the growing violence.

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In the streets of East Oakland, 48 more officers will soon be patrolling a part of town responsible for a disproportionate number of 911 calls.

“Now our call volume has increased dramatically and that means I actually have to move resources,” Oakland Police Chief LeRonne Armstrong said at a briefing on Monday.

The 133 murders that year are the highest number since 2006.

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Armstrong believes a redeployment will help tackle the dire situation and that the department made a similar shift 15 years ago when the city faced similar numbers of violent crime.

“The department has recognized the impact of the service and emergency calls coming in from our East Oakland residents and the need for a stronger presence in our community,” said Armstrong.

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Starting January, Police Areas 4, 5 and 6 will be located in East Oakland.

There are currently five police districts across the city.

According to the police, around 60% of all calls for help come from this district.

“You see the consistent pattern of inequality that has emerged in terms of replies and outstanding calls. It was clearly something that needed to be addressed, “said Loren Taylor, District 7 Oakland City Councilor.

Taylor, who represents part of East Oakland, has urged budget changes that would allow police to hire more officers.

“We are now distributing resources based on call volume. The higher percentage of calls and Part 1 crimes that occur in this part of the city should be in place and institutionalized, ”Taylor told KPIX 5.

Part of the plan requires smaller squads and shortened cycles, while resources are shifted from tactical teams to required areas.

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“There will be no less security in other parts of our city. This is just to make sure that our resources are distributed as well as the incoming calls, ”said Armstrong.

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