Oakland Streets Erupt in “12 Hours of Steady Chaos”; Murders, shootings, sideshow violence – CBS San Francisco

OAKLAND (CBS SF) – July 4th staggered in “12 hours of uninterrupted chaos” Sunday night, with multiple victims wounded by celebratory gunfire, murder, and a massive sideshow overshadowed by gunfire. The night culminated in the sideshow, in which more than 200 participants pelted policemen with debris and flashed them with hand lasers.

Embattled Oakland Police Chief LeRonne Armstrong told reporters that the level of violence and shooting had overwhelmed his officers.

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“If you look at the 6-hour shooting period with 6 shoots, it takes a lot of resources,” says Armstrong. “It was difficult and the officers had to run from scene to scene.”

“It’s been 12 hours of uninterrupted chaos,” he continued. “This is one of the most violent July 4th I can remember.”

While celebratory gunfire has been a hallmark of New Years Eve and July 4th for years, Armstrong said it got completely out of control on Sunday.

“The level of violence is far too high,” he said. “Our officers were overwhelmed and did their best. We deal with challenges. Solemn gunfire resulted in the vast majority of these people being shot dead and injuring others. The last 24 hours have been very difficult in the city of Oakland. “

At times there were no ambulances available to take care of the injured.

“That just shows you the extent of the violence we have dealt with, that we did not have an ambulance available to help and provide medical assistance. It took them a long time to get there, ”said Armstrong. “That even applied to our officers.”

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There were 7 shootings overnight in which a 48-year-old man was killed. An eighth shooting occurred at around 9:54 a.m. Monday in the 2400 block of 88th Avenue near MacArthur Boulevard.

Arriving police officers discovered a woman with multiple gunshot wounds. She was rushed to the hospital, but Armstrong said she would not survive.

Here is an overview of the 12 hours of chaos

  • 6:55 p.m. in the 5700 Elizabeth Street block – an adult male was shot multiple times in his vehicle
  • 9:37 pm at 5400 block on Roberts Avenue – a 16-year-old male youth with gunshot wounds to the head; In stable condition. The shooting was related to a ceremonial shooting.
  • 10:00 p.m. on 23rd Avenue 2200 block – 29-year-old male adult received multiple gunshot wounds.
  • 10:51 p.m. at Block 4200 on International Blvd. – A 45-year-old male adult was gunshot wounds, seriously injured and possibly in connection with ceremonial gunfire.
  • 11:49 pm on the 4200 block of International Blvd. – An unresponsive adult male suffering from blunt trauma to the head. The victim has since died of his injuries
  • 12:08 am at 7700 block on Bancroft Ave – A 48-year-old adult male was shot multiple times and died on the scene.
  • 12:40 p.m. – A victim was admitted to hospital with multiple gunshot wounds.
  • 9:44 am – A woman at 2400 block on Bancroft Avenue is gunshot wounds and in critical condition.

While they were resting to respond to multiple reports of shootings, Oakland officials were also faced with attempts to deal with a massive sideshow.

“We encountered a violent and dangerous sideline with 300 vehicles and 200 spectators with guns and lasers,” said Armstrong. “It went across town.”

Police made three arrests and five weapons in connection with the sideline. Armstrong said a bystander was hit by a vehicle and sustained serious injuries that could result in lifelong treatment.

“This is a warm summer,” said Armstrong. “We’re up to 67 homicides … We’ve seen violence and shootings continue. It’s a challenging time. Warm weather gets people out. We’re going to have to do something while the violence continues. We are losing people at an alarming rate and we all need to realize how much trauma and hurt and pain there is in our community and we need to stop. Before that, I would have told you that hopefully this will slow down as the pandemic is slowing things down, but we haven’t seen that. We have seen the violence continue. “

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Andrea Nakano contributed to this report.

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