Oakland’s Arizmendi Bakery is briefly closing following the dying of longtime member Jose Cardenas

Oakland’s Arizmendi Bakery will be temporarily closed following the death of longtime member Jose Cardenas Skip to content

Jose Cardenas, a longtime member and worker at Arizmendi Lakeshore, died on June 12th. Photo credit: Arizmendi Lakeshore / Facebook

  • The Arizmendi Lakeshore is temporarily closed until July 6, as announced this week. According to the Oakland Cooperative, it has closed to mourn the death of Jose Cardenas, who was a member and worker of the bakery for the past 15 years. Last year, Cardenas was featured prominently in a KRON4 report of Arizmendi’s mid-pandemic efforts to support local food banks with hundreds of breads donated. “What happens to the bread is all part of the community, we are just a middleman, our bakery is heavily dependent on our own community,” he said at the time. According to a GoFundMe organization organized to support Cardenas’ family, Cardenas was an Oakland native who graduated from the city’s Life Academy high school in 2003. He died on June 12, writes GoFundMe organizer Sara Rizik-Baer and is taken care of by his wife Ruth. survived, and his three daughters: Maya (age 17), Naomi (age 6), and Luna (age 4).
  • According to an analysis by the SF Chronicle, restaurants in areas like East Oakland have been disproportionately denied Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) loans compared to businesses in “higher-income or predominantly white census areas” across the Bay Area. About half of the restaurants in more affluent neighborhoods applying for PPP loans were approved, the newspaper reports, but only a quarter of businesses in “areas with household incomes below $ 75,000,” many of which are in the East Bay, have been approved excellent the much needed funds.
  • The East Bay Times reports that Indian fusion chain Curry Pizza House will open a location in San Ramon in July in the Bay Area. The nine-year-old company was founded by Gursewak Gill, a former truck driver who came up with the idea of ​​his Indo-Italian-American restaurant while “thinking about ideas for a meal on those long stretches of highway” company. “
  • Old Salt Merchants, a Berkeley-based specialty spice company, is preparing to open a storefront on Temescal Alley, a spokesman told Nosh. Expect details like a floor painting by local artist Fernanda Martínez (here’s a look at work in progress) and a selection of quality sugars, salts, teas, and more. The doors are to be opened “sometime this summer”.

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