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OAKLAND (CBS SF) – It’s no secret that California has a significant trash problem. On Saturday, the City of Oakland hosted what looked like a big solution.

“We’re trying to keep illegal dumping here in the City of Oakland as low as possible,” said Leland Moore of the city’s public works department. “And we try to give our citizens the opportunity to help us keep them clean.”

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“I just picked up bulky items this week,” says Marsha Solomon. “And there was still too much stuff.”

The stuff came by limousine, pickup truck, U-Haul, and various other modes of transport. The stuff itself was pretty much all one could think of, and the people who threw it all away were generally excited to do so with their Saturday.

“It couldn’t have come soon enough,” said Lucretia Akil. “I calendered it. I waited patiently. It’s a long line. “

“I was shocked to see how many people there are,” said Danniel Halpern, waiting in a line that stretched almost a mile from the assembly point.

“We were here probably at 8am. Then we went and came back. It’s almost 12 now, this place has been full all day. That’s good for the city. “

“It doesn’t just provide some services to citizens,” said Moore. “It gives us the opportunity to learn about alternatives to get rid of household goods and hazardous waste, and to educate our public.”

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While illegal dumping has plagued Oakland for some time, it has become a notorious disease for California as a whole.

“We drive up and down this state and we see that it is a natural beauty,” Governor Gavin Newsom said recently in Los Angeles. “But we come across these underpasses, freeway entrances and exits, and thoroughfares across the state and we openly ask, ‘What the hell is going on?'”

The governor has toured the state on the subject, and his budget is over $ 1 billion for cleanups.

Cities also collect resources. This was Oakland’s first bulky block party since the COVID-19 pandemic. Today’s relaunch brought so much traffic that the crews had to hurry to have empty dump trucks on hand.

“I salute the governor, mayor and all of Oakland City officials,” said Akil. “Everyone does their part. It’s a collaborative effort and exactly what we need.

“We could use it every weekend,” said Ruth Ney. “I assure you the people would be here.”

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The Oakland Bulky Block Parties will resume their normal schedule in June and will take place every last Saturday of the month.

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