Oakland’s Homestead will finish its connoisseur service in June

Owners Liz and Fred Sassen announced they will be closing Homestead, which was seen here when it opened in 2013, but will keep their occasional offshoot, The Humble Sandwich, open. Photo credit: Emilie Raguso

Homestead, Oakland’s upscale restaurant known for its seasonally changing menu of calming dishes, and its airy, copper-green dining room will serve their last dinner in June, according to owners Liz and Fred Sassen. But while the Michelin-recommended restaurant will cease operations, its pandemic-inspired offshoot, The Humble Sandwich, will remain for the time being.

The homestead was opened in 2013 at 4029 Piedmont Ave. opened in large part due to the pedigrees of its founders: Fred is a veteran of high-profile cuisines like Farallon and Camino, and Liz has also been to Farallon and the Waterbar adjacent to the Bay. Homestead, however, is a departure from these locations. The Homestead is an unpretentious and glamorous restaurant that serves exceptional, carefully prepared food that goes a step further – for example, baking your own bread and making your own pasta. It moves gracefully between a relaxed neighborhood hangout and fine dining, a balancing act that’s harder than you think.

When the pandemic broke out, the Sassens Homestead temporarily shut down and turned to a daytime and take-out operation called The Humble Sandwich, which serves quality deli-style sandwiches and a variety of salads. Speaking to the SF Chronicle in April 2020, Fred said the sandwich-centric move “should allow us to reach a different demographic and clientele because of the price and the potential to be further in a recession,” and Said this If all went well they could keep the Homestead sandwich shop running during the day and serve the Homestead posher dinner menu in the evenings.

While the Bay Area closure continues, Homestead resumed service as a takeaway and opened for al fresco dining when it was again allowed earlier this year. However, according to an email sent to the restaurant’s regulars on Wednesday, it is time to turn the page in this chapter of Homestead. In the past year, many necessary changes were highlighted that we need to make in our lives.

The Humble Sandwich will continue “for the foreseeable future”. Photo credit: Homestead / Facebook

One of these changes, it is said, is: “Even if things are slowly opening up, we have realized that it is time for a lifestyle change.” For the Sassens, this means that “our last dinner will be in mid-June” . The date will be announced shortly. “While we are managing these changes, the Humble Sandwich will remain open,” said the Sassens, offering a “take-away lunch service” for the foreseeable future. The Humble Sandwich is open Tuesday through Saturday from 10:30 a.m. to 2:30 p.m.

It’s unclear what this means in the long run for Homestead / The Humble Sandwich’s meticulously designed 48-seat dining room, and although Nosh tried to reach the Sassens for comment, we didn’t get a response at the time of writing (a spokesman for the Restaurant said the Sassens will not speak to the media at this point). Perhaps the Sassens themselves do not know how to say in their parting message, “This will be an evolving transition for us” and “We have achieved what we wanted to achieve and some more” and “we feel” can be graceful too pass over something new. ”

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