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Oakland – As OUSD prepares for the start of the 2021-22 school year next Monday, August 9th, we are delighted that many students, educators and families will see major improvements in some of our facilities in the district. All of them were completed in the last year so most students have yet to experience them. Here are the highlights:

New academic institutions
During the pandemic – and thanks to Oakland voters who passed Measure J – we modernized the facilities at schools that serve students from kindergarten through high school. Most of the following projects represent the heavy taxpayer and district investment in the young people of Oakland, and OUSD makes a statement that our students, employees and families deserve the best. One of the projects was the product of grants from community partners.

  • That Glenview Elementary School Campus has been completely remodeled with beautiful classrooms, cafeteria, playground, courtyard, and gym, the culmination of years of efforts by the school community – and the surrounding community – to create a facility that will serve students well for decades.

Madison Park Academy reopens with a brand new environmentally certified high school building and community garden where students can grow their own food. It has a state-of-the-art technical classroom and digital design room with computers designed to support the school’s two vocational technical pathways. Both engineering and digital design classes are taught by teachers from industry.

  • When students enter the new Fremont High Campus on August 9th experience a new academic building with state-of-the-art science labs and CTE labs for multimedia, broadcasting, architecture and construction. We are also pleased to welcome the students to our brand new gym complex with a new wellness center with medical and dental facilities as well as a new sports field and a grandstand.

Brookfield Elementary School opens a new STEAM laboratory (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, & Math). The classroom has been updated with computers, microscopes, new furniture, a newly improved outdoor garden area, and more. This was made possible by a $ 100,000 grant from NBA Cares.

Click here to learn more about each of the first three projects and here to learn more about Brookfield’s new laboratory.

New sports and leisure facilities
Exercise and physical education are vital to a well-rounded education program, and there are a number of new facilities for student athletes and all students across the district. One of the four listed projects was the result of Measure J.

  • New softball field at Emerson Elementary: A new softball field is opened at Emerson. This includes fencing, a scoreboard, a batting cage, and bull pens. There are also new asphalt, basketball courts, and off-field play structures. It will serve as the new home field for the girls’ softball teams at Oakland Technical High School.
  • New playground at Franklin Elementary: Thanks to partners Stephen and Ayesha Curry, Franklin’s students become their Eat. To learn. To play. Foundation, CarMax, UnderArmour and Kaboom !.

Renovated gym at McClymonds High: Thanks to the Golden State Warriors and partner Rakuten, the “School of Champions” has a sparkling new gym floor and new wall art. The gym floor, the fully restored original wood of the gym, shows the former script of the Golden State Warriors on the entire center court. Everyone looks forward to student athletes experiencing a pro-like playing surface.

  • The co-location International Community School & Think College Now a new green schoolyard with trees, a new natural play area, a lawn, a small amphitheater, a garden area and a newly designed handball court. Made available by The Trust for Public Land and its amazing collection of supporters, this project aims to bring students in an urban setting more in touch with the nature around them. Click here for a California State video showing the ICS / TCN green schoolyard. It appears in the video for about three minutes.

New central kitchen
Another major furnishing project, largely thanks to the funding from Measure J, is our new central kitchen, which will serve 35,000 meals a day for students across the district. Not only is this a kitchen that can feed all of the OUSD students who are receiving student meals, but it’s also a 1 acre urban farm and school facility where students are starting to learn agriculture, nutrition, and culinary arts this year.

“OUSD is proud to welcome our communities to these spectacular new facilities, and we know they will provide our students with wonderful educational opportunities for years to come,” said Superintendent Kyla Johnson-Trammell. “Whether playing sports on a new softball or soccer field, doing educational activities in the Central Kitchen or studying in new academic buildings, we know that our students are well served by all of these facilities. OUSD thanks our wonderful partners and the caring, supportive Oakland voters for passing Measure J for making all of this possible. ”

Via the Oakland Unified School District
The Oakland Unified School District (OUSD) in California’s most diverse city is committed to creating a learning environment where “Every student thrives!” More than half of our students speak a non-English language at home. And each of our 80 schools is staffed with talented people who are united around a common catalog of values: Students First, Equity, Excellence, Integrity, Cultural Responsiveness and Joy. We strive to prepare all students for college, professional, and community success.

To learn more about OUSD’s full-service community district focused on academic achievement while serving the whole child in safe schools, please visit OUSD.org and follow us at @OUSDnews.

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