Rebecca Kaplan requires an growth of the ferry service to and from Oakland

Oakland – On Friday, July 9, 2021, Rebecca Kaplan, Vice Mayor of Oakland City Council, sent a letter to the Water Emergency Transportation Authority (“WETA”) asking them to establish additional ferry services to Oakland and the surrounding cities there WETA is considering an extension. The City of Oakland has a ferry terminal in Jack London Square that is home to a large and growing community that includes homes, offices and workplaces, as well as recreational, entertainment and dining destinations.

Kaplan calls for increased ferry frequency on existing routes to and from Oakland / Jack London Square; additional new routes that would provide connections to and from Richmond, Larkspur and other areas not currently served by Oakland; and increase connectivity and range through further support for the Broadway shuttle (secures the connection of the last mile with the ferry), signposts and information signage as well as community information about the ferry.

Expanding the use of ferries can increase the number of passengers in transit and reduce traffic congestion.

Kaplan says:

“This can be an important opportunity to connect areas that are not currently served – as there is no transit service connecting the East Bay to the North Bay, despite a growing number of journeys along this corridor that need a better option.

… As Vice Mayor and Councilor of Oakland, an executive on the board of directors of the Alameda County Transportation Commission and a former board member of BAAQMD, I recognize the critical importance of effective regional connectivity to the health and vitality of our communities. Located in the heart of the region, Oakland has been a transportation hub for over a century. With a well-located ferry dock in a growing area, expanding ferry services to and from Oakland can help further weave our region and provide healthy access to jobs and opportunities. “

Full letter:

Kaplan also calls on other regional residents and organizations to join this advocacy group in order to improve the networking of our region.


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