Rebecca Kaplan welcomes the Oakland Coliseum Mass Vaccination Middle, Neighborhood Websites Cell Vaccination Extensions

Oakland Vice Mayor Rebecca Kaplan welcomes the positive response to the application to expand the mass vaccination site for the Oakland Coliseum and mobile vaccination at community sites

Oakland, CA – Vice Mayor Rebecca Kaplan thanks the state government for responding to the request from the JPA Vaccination Group at the Oakland-Alameda County Coliseum and agreeing to continue to expand our COVID-19-hit communities Mass vaccination of the Oakland Coliseum support site and related mobile vaccination programs for an additional four weeks. Governor Gavin Newsom announced that the state, in partnership with Alameda and Contra Costa counties health departments, will extend vaccine sales activities at Oakland Coliseum and mobile vaccine sites through May 9, 2021. This is a major addition to how they previously planned to close this week on April 11th – that would have been before the date most California residents would be eligible for a vaccination, April 15th.

Vice Mayor Rebecca Kaplan, along with her colleagues on the Oakland Alameda County Coliseum Authority (“OACCA”) vaccination subcommittee, expressed concern when FEMA and the California Emergency Services Bureau (“CalOES”) announced they would be closing in April 11. On April 15, 2021, anyone in California over the age of 16 can receive the COVID-19 vaccine. Had the Colosseum closed this week, our local communities would have had more difficulty getting vaccination as 7,500 shots were administered on site and mobile vaccination sites that work in partnership with the Coliseum were closed. The mobile sites do a better job of reaching hard-hit, underserved communities with and within local churches and other community-level organizations. With this expansion, both the main Colosseum site and the mobile vaccination centers of organizations in the community can continue to operate for the benefit of the community. Kaplan led the Vaccination Task Force and worked with the county and other leaders to expand access to vaccines for hard-hit communities and improve justice outcomes, including mobile vaccination, to better reach underserved Black and Latin American communities.

Earlier this week, Vice Mayor Rebecca Kaplan had requested an extension in a letter co-signed by other local leaders:

“We’re writing to you as local executives who have been instrumental in expanding COVID vaccination efforts, including through the launch of the vaccination center at Oakland Coliseum. We helped negotiate and implement the appropriate mobile vaccination programs with local organizations such as churches that have greatly improved the work of reaching out to underserved communities.

We appreciate the important collaboration that has gone into improving the availability of COVID vaccines. We know that at this point in time, it is vital to continue and expand efforts to ensure that severely affected communities are vaccinated in a timely manner as COVID cases rebound in various locations across the country.

We are therefore extremely concerned about the upcoming plan to cut vaccine supplies for these vital efforts just as they have begun to truly reach our hardest hit communities. We look forward to your statement that the district can take over the coordination of the vaccination at the location of the Colosseum. We have no objection to the goal of this transition. However, this work can only be successful if it has access to a supply of vaccines. ”

Link to the full letter:

Now state officials have confirmed that they will work with the county’s local health department to continue this vital work through May 9 and continue to work with the local community to ensure access to vaccinations.

Kaplan says

“I am grateful to everyone who has worked with us to stand up for the state to expand the Oakland Vaccination and Community Mobile sites. I also appreciate Alameda County’s work in distributing the COVID-19 vaccine fairly to our communities, and partnering with local churches and community organizations to ensure that our hardest hit communities are included. ”

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