Rejoice Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur in Berkeley and Oakland

Rosh Hashana, the celebration of the Jewish New Year, is fast approaching. In 2021, the holiday begins with sunset on Monday, September 6th and ends with dark on September 8th. Yom Kippur, the day of atonement and the holiest day of the Jewish year, begins on Wednesday, September 15, at sunset and ends the following evening.

The Holy Days are occasions for celebration, reflection, and gathering – albeit with great caution and with the awareness that the delta variant is still widespread in our community. Somehow, families find a way to celebrate the occasion together, maybe in fewer numbers or with outdoor seating.

Here is a list of East Bay restaurants and caterers serving special meals for the holidays, including delicious sweets for Rosh Hashanah, as well as balls and latkes to enjoy around the traditional day of Yom Kippur fasting. Even if this year’s celebrations are more subdued than in pre-pandemic times, there are still plenty of delicious dishes to enjoy.

The carrot, sweet potato and pumpkin soup from Bishulim SF. Photo credit: Bishulim SF

This East Bay catering company is the brainchild of kosher Israeli chef Aliza Grayevsky Somek. For the holidays, she has a special Rosh Hashana menu with la carte options like carrot, sweet potato, and pumpkin soup ($ 10); Moroccan fish balls ($ 13); Butternut squash and pomegranate quinoa salad ($ 12- $ 18); Spinach and chickpea stew ($ 13); Beef tagine ($ 21- $ 80, large serving serves 3-4 people); Apple, honey, and cinnamon compote ($ 6-10); and more. The products are cooked in the kosher kitchen of Temple Beth Abraham (no Mashgiach) and part of the proceeds are donated to the temple.

Bishulim SF meals are delivered on the morning / afternoon of September 6th (delivery fee is $ 10-20 depending on the quantity ordered) or can be picked up at Temple Beth Abraham in Oakland between 11:00 AM and 12:30 PM: 327 MacArthur Blvd. (between Adams Street and Van Buren Avenue), Oakland

Meemas pasta ball from the market hall. Credit: Market Hall

Rockridge indoor market
5655 College Avenue (on Shafter Avenue), Oakland
Market Hall on Fourth Street
1786 Fourth Street (on Delaware Street), Berkeley

The market hall is popular with shoppers all year round and has been a Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur point of contact for local shoppers for years. Both locations have everything from chopped liver ($ 14 for a pint) to noodle ball ($ 14 for a large tray) to matzo ball soup ($ 14 a quart; $ 1.50 for two additional scoops).

Rosh Hashanah appetizers, available for pickup September 4-8, include honey, saffron, and almond chicken ($ 18.95 for one serving, discounts for more than one serving) and grilled salmon with pickled lemons – Herbal Yogurt Sauce ($ 14.95 for a serving)). Yom Kippur entrees, available for pickup from September 14-15, include Chicken Marbella (braised chicken with plums, green olives, and capers; $ 18.95 for a serving) and the same grilled salmon that is made for rosh Hashana is available.

End your vacation dinner with a sweet New Year treat like a brown butter and almond tart ($ 30) or apricot rugalach ($ 16.95 for a dozen). Order by 12 noon two days before your desired pick-up / delivery date or earlier to guarantee availability; Limited pickup Monday 6th September due to Labor Day holidays.

3762 Piedmont Ave. (near MacArthur Boulevard), Oakland

This Californian-Colombian eatery, run by Chef Mark Liberman, is offering a full Rosh Hashana menu for pickup on Saturday, September 4th. Salad with beans, peppers, feta and tomatoes; Ajiaco soup with chicken and matzoh balls; Pumpkin and carrot dishes; Short rib pastrami; and Challah bread pudding ($ 50 per person). The items are cold packaged with heating instructions. Place your order before September 1st to ensure availability.

Kosher foods in Oakland
3419 Lakeshore Avenue (on Longridge Road), Oakland

This butcher / grocer / deli and hummus bar / caterer has been serving kosher meals in the East Bay since 1962. The only independent kosher butcher in the Bay Area, operated under the supervision of Vaad Hakashrus of Northern California, and even kosher. of catering for hotels that would otherwise not be able to accommodate an attentive guest.

For the holidays, Oakland has Kosker favorites like Chicken Soup ($ 8.99); sliced ​​brisket ($ 29.99 per pound); Pulled BBW Brisket ($ 29.99 per pound) and side dishes such as herb rice, fried vegetables, and fried potatoes ($ 6.99 to $ 7.99 per pound); along with a variety of cakes and challah. Order at least three days in advance for pickup or delivery.

Olive apples and honey chicken. Photo credit: Olive

East Bay-based catering company Olive SF, owned by Arkadi Kluger and Elinor Nahmani, delivers Israeli-Californian dishes. The a la carte Rosh Hashana menu includes beet tahini ($ 10); Apples and walnut bourekas ($ 22- $ 40); Moroccan Swiss Chard and Chickpeas ($ 16-30 $); Silane and harissa carrots ($ 15-25); Lubia Harira soup with black-eyed peas, chickpeas, lentils, and egg noodles ($ 17- $ 29); Salmon shraime ($ 34- $ 57); Apples and honey chicken ($ 26- $ 45) and dried fruit Moroccan-style lamb tagine ($ 35-28). Items are delivered cold with heating instructions.

Olive’s minimum order value per shipment is $ 175; Deliveries will be made on September 6th between 12pm and 4.30pm or on September 6th between 12pm and 1pm at 865 Marina Bay Parkway (near Meeker Avenue), Richmond, Units 33 and 34 (full instructions on website) .

Pomellas honey apple pie. Photo credit: Pomella

3770 Piedmont Ave. (near MacArthur Boulevard), Oakland

Pomellas Mica Talmor creates modern Californian-Israeli dishes that combine Levantine, Maghrebian, North African, Mediterranean, Eastern European and Middle Eastern culinary traditions. It offers a selection of a la carte menu items for Rosh Hashana (pre-order for collection on September 4th or 5th).

Options include matzo ball soup (traditional and vegetarian, $ 16 for two), cod cake with tomato sauce ($ 30 for four), brisket tagine with dried fruit, and pickled lemons ($ 36 ), Potato and shallot ball ($ 26), and Mica’s beloved honey and apple pie with apple compote, mascarpone, and wildflower honey ($ 8 each).

A plate of Sauls latkes. Photo credit: Sauls / Facebook

Saul’s restaurant and delicatessen
1475 Shattuck Ave. (on Vine Street), Berkeley

A favorite of East Bay East Coast fans who love the mix of old-school New York and modern California, Saul’s serves on-site Rosh Hashana and breakfast and pick-up banquets.

Dine indoors or outdoors (no reservations, first come, first served) on Monday, September 6th, with entrees such as herring in wine ($ 9, for up to three people), minced liver ($ 6, for up to two people) and baked gefilte fish ($ 7); Mains like chicken dukkah with peaches and figs ($ 26, served for up to two people) or brisket with apples and plums ($ 36, served for up to two people); and sweets for a sweet new year like apple noodle ball ($ 5 / slice) or poppy seed babka ($ 5 / slice). Visit again by 8:30 a.m. on September 16 to break your fast. To order in advance, go to Saul’s online pick-up menu and scroll down for the take-away menu of Rosh Hashana 5782 (the year in the Jewish calendar). Pickups are only possible on September 6th. Order by Friday, September 3rd.

Babka from Wise Sons. Photo credit: Wise Sons / Facebook

Wise Sons Deli
1700 Franklin St. (on 17th Street), Oakland
at Beauty’s Bagel Shop Temescal
3838 Telegraph Ave. (on West McArthur Boulevard), Oakland

The very popular Wise Sons serves traditional Jewish home cooking with a Californian flair. They offer a huge variety of products including side dishes, sweets and full meals for the High Holy Days. Their special holiday menu includes potato fries ($ 22 for half a dozen); fried brisket ($ 60, serves 6); Cinnamon or chocolate babka ($ 15); a platter of smoked salmon ($ 85); a full Rosh Hashana dinner with challah, chicory salad, fried potatoes, roast chicken, and honey cake (USD 88 for 3-4 people); and a breakfast feast of latkes, bagels, smoked salmon, egg salad, and rugelach ($ 132 for 6 people).

Articles must be ordered up to 12 days before your desired collection or delivery … and order early to get your desired date! Delivery starts at $ 26.

Do you want to spend the holidays with someone you can’t be with in person? Wise Sons will ship their Rosh Hashana Package nationwide ($ 34). It consists of a honey cake, round raisin challah, and wildflower honey for a sweet new year. Order before September 3rd. Items will be cold with warm up instructions provided.

More places to find challah or honey cake

Challah from Mariposa Baking Company. Image credit: Mariposa

  • Fournee bakery 2912 Domingo Avenue (on Russell Street), Berkeley
  • flour 6323 College Avenue (on Alcatraz Avenue), Berkeley; 4094 Piedmont Ave. on 41st Street, Oakland; and 3411 Fruitvale Ave. (on Bienati Way), Oakland
  • Nabolom Bakery 2708 Russell St. (on College Avenue), Berkeley
  • Mariposa Baking Company 5427 Telegraph Ave., D3 (on 55th Street), Oakland
  • Great bakery 3033 MacArthur Boulevard. (between Maple Avenue and Laurel Avenue), Oakland
  • Jewish afikomen 3042 Claremont Ave. (near Prince Street), Berkeley

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