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Oakland – Six Oakland teachers were among several winning teams to take home this year’s Leveraging Innovation by Growing and Honoring Teachers (LIGHT) Awards from the Intrepid Philanthropy Foundation. Since 2014, “the LIGHT Awards have recognized creative and passionate teachers who are looking for high-quality professional learning opportunities,” according to the foundation. “They provide teachers with a unique opportunity to shape the professional learning that is most relevant to their classrooms, schools and communities. Teachers will benefit more from career opportunities that excite, involve and inspire them. “

The winning teams received up to $ 30,000 each over a two-year period to fund a select study trip. The six OUSD teachers are:

  • Maria De La Rosa of Acorn Woodland Elementary School and Bridges Academy
  • Linda Green of Cleveland Elementary and Thornhill Elementary
  • Alexandra Zablotsky from the Greenleaf K-8 School
  • Sarah Willner from the International Community School
  • Deborah Gold from the Melrose Leadership Academy
  • Holly Shogbesan from Montera Middle School

This team of music educators aims to learn more about the musical origins and current practices of the Oakland indigenous communities. In the first year, the team learns from local cultural institutions and executives. In the second year, the team will work with these community partners to develop teaching methods and practices within a culturally relevant framework. By incorporating curricula and teaching methods from local indigenous cultures represented in the OUSD, the team hopes that students will feel validated in music lessons across the school district.

“The entire Intrepid team and I were so inspired to read about the meaningful and innovative projects featured in this year’s applications,” said Karen Leshner, founder of the Intrepid Philanthropy Foundation. “I am particularly impressed that the teachers took the time to think of new growth opportunities for themselves amid the multitude of challenges of the past year. We warmly congratulate the members of our eighth cohort of LIGHT winners and look forward to working with them in the coming months. “

“We are so proud of all of these teachers, with the recognition they receive and their enthusiasm for exploring the musical history and influence of the Oakland indigenous people,” said Superintendent Kyla Johnson-Trammell. “I congratulate Ms. De La Rosa, Ms. Gold, Ms. Green, Ms. Shogbesan, Ms. Willner and Ms. Zablotsky for their hard work and dedication to our students. I look forward to seeing what they learn as they explore and how it changes their students’ classroom experience. “

In 2020, the Korematsu Discovery Academy was one of 20 schools to win a LIGHT Award, a two-year grant of $ 30,000 used in partnership with the Bay Area Writing Project.

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