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Oakland News Now – Sonnie Talks Oakland Politics, Foster Care, Fashion, Getting in the Streets, Rap Beef and More – Video from YouTube channel with the logo in the upper left corner of the video. is the original blog post for this type of video blog content.

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Time stamp:
0:20 Sonnie introduction
1:04 growing up
3:20 Where in Oakland is he from?
5:09 am Bay Area music scene
6:25 childhood
8:54 When he started making music
10:03 am Bay Area wave
10:31 Is there anything you would do differently in a group
12:55 PM Is it hard to grow up in Oakland and not take to the streets?
5:02 p.m. People are being called for interviews
18:35 How he came out on the street
21:04 foster families
22:10 Stand in the spotlight
10:44 pm Should the artist move?
23:27 The artist grew up listening
24:12 process in the studio
24:46 New music
29:25 Merch
30:30 Develop a love of fashion
31:41 experience in the music industry
33:39 Do you believe in aliens or ghosts?
34:21 Which animal would you be?
34:46 rap beef
35:02 Should street politics prevent artists from making music together?
36:42 If someone had never heard your music, what record would you play?
37:06 If you could live your life again, would anything change?
37:20 inspiration
38:08 Biggest lesson in the business
38:50 What advice would you give to a younger me?

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