Star Wars Day is the Metropolis of Oakland’s birthday! Oakland turns 169! Comfortable Birthday Oakland!

ONN – Star Wars Day is the City of Oakland’s birthday! Oakland turns 169! Happy Birthday Oakland! – vlog from Zennie62 YouTube

Star Wars Day is the City of Oakland’s birthday! Oakland turns 169! Happy Birthday Oakland!

While everyone seems to know that today is Star Wars Day, May 4th (May 4th is with you!), Many now know that this day is Oakland City’s birthday too! Oakland was born a city on May 4, 1852.

For some reason, and as long as I’ve lived in our town, Oakland has been allergic to celebrating its own birthday. And given the obvious connection between Star Wars Day and Oakland’s birthday, you’d think we’d have our own celebration now and invite George Lucas and Mark Hamill, and you got the idea.

It seems like Oakland is so busy getting upset about its problems that it doesn’t need time to celebrate itself. How are Oaklanders supposed to feel good about Oakland if the city government can’t prove it feels good about Oakland?

We have a problem.

Go to the Alley Cat Bar on 3325 Grand Avenue and sing the Oakland Song

Let’s celebrate Oakland. Head to the Alley Cat Bar on 3325 Grand Avenue and buckle up for the Oakland Song. Here are the lyrics for you:

Oakland (1965)

(wm) Wayne Pope and the Good Time Washboard III (P) The Good Time Washboard III
Verse: I am sure you know famous cities everywhere
The ones they write about in songs and verse.
There are songs about Chicago, London, Paris and St. Paul, Buffalo, Miami and for God’s sake Beaver Falls. Beaver Falls!
But Tin Pan Alley got us wrong, they never wrote a song
About the greatest city of all.
Now don’t go away; I hope you stay
And hear this song that I wrote today:

Choir: Oakland has the Tribune Tower
Oakland also has Lake Merritt; She has Jack London Square
Alley Cat is here! The Kaiserzentrum is everywhere
Where did all the people go when Frisco was on fire?
They all went to Oakland and never returned.
A motorway called Nimitz is rolling just outside the city limits.
Of all the pretty cities, she is the leader. And don’t forget the subway to Alameda

Well she’s proud (PROUD!), Hope (HOPE!)
Oh what a prospect: Oakland, we are for you
(DOES NOT MEAN MILPITAS!) Oakland, we are for you

Stay tuned.

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