Suspect who assaulted Oakland chief Carl Chan faces hate crime costs – CBS San Francisco

OAKLAND (CBS SF) – Oakland police on Monday upheld a suspect’s charges in connection with the hate crime against Chinatown Chamber of Commerce President Carl Chan last week.

On Monday, the Alameda District Attorney’s Office announced that it had charged James Lee Ramsey, 25, of Oakland, in connection with the attack on the 400 block on 8th Street last Thursday.

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Authorities confirmed that Ramsey was charged with assault, assault, hate crime and violation of parole.

An OPD source confirmed that Ramsey was the suspect in Carl Chan’s attack and that he was paroled from state prison on charges of criminal threats.

Oakland police responded to the 400 block in 8th place on Thursday afternoon
Street on a report of an attack. Officers located a male victim who had been
attacked and who had sustained significant injuries.

Chan, who lives in nearby Alameda, was in Oakland to run an errand and then planned to visit a previous victim of an attack at her home when he was attacked on the street.

“I made a turn and then the attack came so suddenly. It was a cowardly attack from behind, ”Chan told KPIX 5.

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Chan was able to provide a description of the person who attacked him. The officers checked the immediate area, finally located the person responsible and arrested them.

The picture was captured by Carl Chan, President of the Oakland Chinatown Chamber of Commerce, from a suspect arrested in the attack.

Chan fell on the sidewalk, scratched and bruised, and went black for a moment.

“It hurts more than it looks,” Chan told KPIX 5.

During the attack, Chan said his attacker referred to him as an ethnic bow and repeatedly cursed him. “He didn’t rob me, so it was basically just an attack and an attack,” Chan said.

Chan told KPIX 5 that while he was there, he took a picture of the suspect leaving, which he recommended when he was raising public awareness of attacks against the AAPI community.

“I did exactly what I told others to do. What I want to make sure that everyone understands when something happens to you is to be calm and understand how to protect yourself as best as possible, ”Chan said.

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Chan organized several hate rallies stops and even convinced Oakland police to bring the Chinatown liaison officer back.

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