The East Bay lady creates Kamala Harris ‘Inauguration Breakfast Packing containers’ to have a good time VP-elect’s roots in Oakland

OAKLAND, Calif. (KGO) – Just days before Kamala Harris is sworn in as the 49th Vice President of the United States, an East Bay woman has found a creative way to celebrate the Bay Area native.

Lauren McCabe Herpich owns Local Food Adventures, an Oakland food tour company that had to turn due to the pandemic.

Instead of giving tours, she now makes gift baskets, and who better to create one for than elected Vice President Harris?

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In honor of Wednesday’s inauguration, Herpich is selling “Inauguration Breakfast Boxes,” which contain several local East Bay foods with Harris ties.

Each box also includes an entry ticket to a virtual housewarming party they are hosting, where attendees can play trivia and enjoy the historic moment together.

“Inside the box are items that celebrate the legacy of Vice President-Elect Harris,” Herpich told ABC7 News. “Your love for the Bay Area and also for the small businesses and local community that make our region great.”

The box is priced at $ 49 (in honor of Harris as 49th Vice President) and contains an array of items including cornbread mix from Oaklands Everett and Jones BBQ (Herpich says Harris loves cornbread), garam masala seasoning mix from Oaktown Spice Shop ( in honor of Harris ‘Indian heritage) and a free waffle coupon from The Home of Chicken & Waffles (the owner, Derreck Johnson, is Harris’ longtime friend).

“As a Bay Area entrepreneur, this is such a meaningful opportunity for women from all walks of life and that’s why I just wanted to continue the Bay Area celebration,” said Herpich. “That’s what I do, I tell the Bay Area stories through food and what better story can I tell than Vice President Harris?”

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Herpich did a lot of research to tailor this box specifically for Harris. She hopes this box will provide a fun and safe way for people to celebrate this historic moment for the country and the Bay Area.

“Kamala Harris has a really great and diverse background. She loves food too!” Exclaimed Herpich. “Well, it’s just fitting to be able to celebrate and share more about them through this breakfast box.”

Herpich has more about the Inauguration Breakfast Boxes on their website here.

She added a local pickup location at Amphora Lafayette, which is located on 7 Fiesta Drive in Lafayette and is open from 10am to 5pm

Purchases picked up there receive a 10% discount.

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