The meals supply startup Good Eggs has left San Francisco for Oakland Oak

  • Ten-year-old grocery delivery startup Good Eggs has moved operations from San Francisco to Oakland, reports the SF Business Times. As Nosh noted back in 2013, the company differs from competitors such as Safeway or Instacart in that it mainly works with local producers and farmers rather than selecting items for customers from the retail shelves. The company opened a huge warehouse on Maritime St. 2000 in Oakland in 2020 and is now believed to have relocated its headquarters and offices there.
  • A new soul food restaurant in Oakland called Soul Slice serves Mediterranean classics like kale and catfish – but these dishes are all served pizza-style on the restaurant’s “proprietary cookie crust”. (KQED)
  • Two days after it reopened, Oakland’s Golden Bull Dive Bar hosted an invitation event for 150 vaccinated guests, at which bar co-owners Bill Schneider and Billie Joe Armstrong – the latter also frontman of popular rock band Green Tag – took the stage and hit a two-hour set out. (SF gate)

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